Can the Human Race Be All That it Can and Should Be?

God's Words - Christ the Redeeer statue

by John Brian Shannon

“Is the Human Race Really Capable of Being All That it Can and Should Be?”

Most adults, at one time or another have asked that question, usually during times of personal doubt or turmoil.

And yet, problems are nothing more than opportunities — opportunities for solutions — in the same way sculptors say that the sculpture they eventually carved out of solid rock was always there, it merely took an artist to reveal it.

Every picture tells a story with its own problems

What makes human beings smarter than animals, is that we’re (purportedly) intelligent enough to a) clearly define a problem b) investigate solutions to the problem c) gather the necessary consensus to arrive at a unified and agreeable solution d) gather the materials and tools to solve the problem e) gather the social momentum so that a-to-d aren’t all done in vain and f) solve the problem.

There are only three levels of intelligence on this planet

Plant intelligence: Smart enough to blossom and reproduce. The plant life on the planet is subject to the environment. Plants can do nothing on their own, they are 100% dependent upon their environment. (The Lilies of the Field )

Animal intelligence: Smart enough to ‘blossom’, reproduce and defend their territory.┬áThe animal life on the planet live by the Law of the Jungle — eat or be eaten — which, in the final analysis is called ‘Win-Lose’ thinking. No, they’re not too bright, but bright enough to stay alive. (The Animal Kingdom)

Human intelligence: Smart enough to ‘blossom’, reproduce, defend their territory and — by using Win-Win thinking to solve problems, preclude problems from occurring. We can do this by ‘beginning any process with the end result in mind’. (Which is something plants and animals can’t do)

Until the new millennium, humans weren’t doing much better than the animals living the ‘Win-Lose’ lifestyle, but in recent years it’s begun to dawn on enlightened people that perhaps human beings can be somewhat more than just animals with technology. (The Advanced Intelligence)

Humans Are the Problem Child on This Planet

There are no problems on this planet that aren’t human-caused. Every single problem on Earth was created by human beings.

The plant life and animal live in harmony with themselves. And not one war, famine, economic depression, terrorist act, bank robbery, rape, hijacking, nuclear power plant emergency, or climate crisis were caused by the plant or animal kingdoms.

It’s us, we are the problem child on this planet.

God's Words. Albert Einstein quote from BrainyQuote
Albert Einstein quote courtesy of BrainyQuote

It might be seen as a radical concept in some quarters, but some think that human beings can employ Win-Win thinking 100% of the time.

If we’re smart enough, the 2000-2020 timeframe will be seen by people in the future as the ‘moment in time’ that humans left the Law of the Jungle behind and began thinking and acting like advanced beings.

We Do Have Power Over Our Future!

Whether we fully grasp this as a species or not, we’re now intelligent enough to tackle ANY problem, no matter how difficult, and start with a clean sheet of paper to design the best possible outcomes — as opposed to continually putting out fires caused by humans — we can decide what end result we want and then reverse engineer it so that we obtain that exact result we desire.

Some won’t understand this for another 50-years. I get that.

We Can Choose Our Destiny

But the rest of us do. Therefore, let those of us that do understand become all that we can and should be!